About Brand

A Look Inside the Brand

Living the expat life in Asia during most of the 1990’s saw Sun Emporium Director and designer Sally Michael embark on a quest to bring the Australian sun safe message to the world of children’s swimwear. Family holidays in exotic destinations invariably drew attention to the fact that her young son always wore a UV Sun Shirt when swimming as that’s what Aussie kids do at the beach! Other families thought this was a brilliant way to protect their own children from the harsh summer sun. Some parents loved the idea of minimising the amount of sun screen chemicals their children would need while wearing a sun shirt. Many parents were seeing a ‘rashie’ for the first time.

Concerned parents wanted a simple solution to this burning question: how do we best protect our kids from the sun?

As an Australian who grew up on idyllic Clovelly Beach in Sydney, Sally well understood the need for quality, well designed UV swimwear. Thus a seed was planted on tiny, tropical island thousands of miles from home. Let’s share the Australian experience of sun safe swimwear with the world – let’s create an inspired fashion brand of quality UV Swimwear that serves babies, toddlers and children well during the long, hot days of summer…..

Since early 2001 that seed has grown. Sun Emporium is now a global brand supplying quality retailers in Australia, the US, the UK, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Europe.

Sally’s love of fabric and design has been a lifelong passion- an eclectic collection of vintage, tribal, antique, ceremonial, modern, ethnic, handwoven and traditional wood-block fabrics inform her design world. Each season - from her studio on the Gold Coast – she unveils a distinctive range of summer prints and cool, contemporary swimwear. Look closely and you will discover inspiration reflected in traditional Paisleys, tribal Ikat and Vintage Blooms that are teamed with modern Moroccan, African and Indian influences.

Fabric quality and performance is very important to us with protection from the sun being a constant priority. Sun Emporium UV swimwear is created using the highest quality UPF 50+ fabric which blocks out more than 97% of the sun’s harmful rays. Parents enjoy peace of mind as this UPF rating is validated by ARPANSA – the world leader in the science of sun protection.

As awareness of sun protection grows on a global scale, so too does the demand for quality UV protective beachwear, UV Swimwear, Baby Sun Protective Swimwear, Girl’s and Boy’s Sun Shirts and Rash vest. Sun Emporium delights in bringing a vibrant, holiday style to the world of infant and Children’s UV swimwear.