Aqua-Guard ® Fabric - Catch the Next Wave of Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Parents often lament that swimwear used regularly in pools does last the season. The fabric fades, the garment loses shape and becomes very baggy resulting in a garment that is no longer comfortable or attractive to wear while swimming.

Chlorine is the reason why swimwear deteriorates. Additionally, the UPF sun protection factor also decreases as the swimwear fabric loses shape and elasticity. Children need superior sun protection and parents need peace of mind that their swimwear purchase will work just as hard as kids do while swimming or training in pools during the hot summer months.

The Solution?

Introducing Sun Emporium’s exclusive Aqua-Guard ® swimwear fabric. This next generation textile has been engineered to offer superior Chlorine Resistance, softness, durability, shape retention, maximum breathability, comfort fit and color fastness over the life of the garment. This is where performance meets design!

This ultimate swimwear textile is fabricated to offer peak life to the swim garment. Parents and retailers understand the importance of high performance and recognise the value this adds to each Sun Emporium rash shirt or sun suit. Swimwear crafted from Aqua-Guard ® will still be in the same great shape at the end of summer as it was at the start. Now that’s worth knowing.

Sun safety is equally important to us.

Protecting tender young skin from the harsh summer sun was the motivation behind creating our brand. Sun Emporium’s Sun Safe Swimwear, Rash Guards and Sun Suits are crafted from premium UPF 50+ fabric that offers children maximum sun protection by blocking out at least 97.5% of the sun’s harmful rays. Our fabric it tested and meets the strict criteria of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA). Summer ready swimwear in distinctive prints means your children will not only look cool and but stay sun safe.

Problem solved!

Care instructions to prolong the life of your Sun Emporium Swimwear

  • Rinse in cool water after every use
  • Hand wash with mild detergent
  • Do Not machine wash
  • Do Not pack or leave rolled up when wet
  • Do Not spin dry, soak, bleach, iron, dry clean, pack or store when wet.
  • Be careful to remove all traces of sunscreen from your garment in the washing process.
  • Remove all sand grains by rinsing your garment or carefully stretch dry fabric over thumbnail and sand will drop out.
  • Drip dry and lay flat in shade to dry
  • Avoid rough surfaces such as concrete, rough wood, swimming pool surrounds as these may damage your swimsuit.