Are you at risk?

A solarium tan is not a safe tan. Each time you expose your skin to UV radiation, in the sun or in a solarium, you increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

There is no safe tan and there is no safe UVR - claims that a UVA tan protects the skin and does not cause aging or skin cancer are misleading.

The simple fact is that the more your skin is exposed to UV radiation the greater your risk of developing skin cancer - no matter what type of skin you have. The artificial UVA and UVB radiation used in Solariums are known to be directly responsible for causing skin cancer and prematurely ageing skin.

All types of UV radiation, whether from the sun or from a solarium, can damage your skin and increase your risk of developing skin cancer.  T

Skin Cancer can occur in any age group - it is the exposure that children and adolescents receive that causes the initial damage. People with fair skin who freckle or burn easily and never tan are in a high-risk group. Factors that determine high risk are occupation, family history, geographic location and lifestyle. In particular, people who have had a lot of sun exposure in their life are highly likely to be diagnosed with skin cancer in their later years.