A Look Inside The Brand

This week Sally Michael from the children’s swimwear company, ‘Sun Emporium’ spoke to us about how the brand began and the inspiration behind the design.

“It began out of a need basically,” says Sally, Head Designer at Sun Emporium. “We lived in Asia in the 1990’s and our son was a toddler. At that time the market was lacking in qualtiy, well designed sun safe swimwear for children and I thought I could improve that situation. Children don’t understand the need for sun protection. As Australian’s growing up on the beach we understood the need for UV protective swimwear for children.” 

The Australian sun is renowned for its intensity. The Australian Cancer Council believes that Australians need sun protection when the UV index reaches above 3. The UV index is an international standard measurement of the strength of UV radiation from the sun at a particular place on a particular day. UV levels are low in the early morning as the sun comes up, gradually increasing to a peak around the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest, and then decreasing slowly as the sun gets lower in the sky.

In the northern parts of Australia (for example Brisbane and Darwin), UV levels are above 3 all year round and reach extreme levels of 14+ in summer, so sun protection is needed daily.

‘Sun Emporium’ is well known for its UV protective children’s swimwear, but how do you combine contemporary design with the functionality of UV protection? Sally believes that you can seamlessly combine both elements. “With the Sun Emporium range I wanted to reflect the Australian experience. I wanted to bring our sense of colour. I wanted to bring the sense of discovery that children naturally have when they are on the beach.”

'Sun Emporium' designs high quality, UV designer swimwear for babies, toddlers and children. See the full range of swimwear for summer 2015/16 at www.sunemporium.com.