Designing Children's Swimwear

Fashion designers are in charge of the design and development of clothing and other fashion products.  As a fashion designer, your main career objective is to develop and create various pieces of apparel.  When designing fashion, the designer must be aware of current trends, as well as where future trends are heading. The design influence can come from many different sources.

Sally Michael, Head Designer for Sun Emporium believes that, “When a garment is on rack, it’s the colour and the design that will draw people in initially. That is why  Sun Emporium prints are so summer fresh, colorful  and distinctive."

Sally Michael designs contemporary, UV protective swimwear for babies, toddlers and children at Sun Emporium. When designing products for a brand the key elements of the company need to be reflected in the essence of the garment. “ Sun Emporium has been described as a joyful brand for children. The prints are vintage floral, very light and reflect the essence of summer and childhood innocence. The florals are very fresh and the paisleys reflect traditional paisleys but there is still something child-like about these prints. We don’t do prints that go from what a two-year-old child would be wearing to a 30-year-old woman. Like our brand, these prints are directed totally to children.”

The children’s swimwear market is saturated with options for the customer. How do you stand out from the rest? “It’s the colour, the quality and the design. When parents realise that we also offer maximum UV protection, the option is there and they love it,” says Sally Michael.

Sun Emporium designer swimwear for children satisfies the hunger for contemporary design with the added appeal of UV protection for the summer climate. See the new Sun Emporium range at