What is Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

What makes chlorine resistant swimwear different? It’s all in the fabric. There are two leading fabrics in swimwear design: Lycra blends and chlorine resistant 100% polyester. 

Lycra Swimwear

Lycra is a stretchy fabric, which gives a comfortable fit that conforms to your body for a ‘second skin’ feeling. If used for prolonged periods in the pool, Lycra fabric can deteriorate when exposed to chlorine. Also, because it is made with elastic material, Lycra swimsuits can lose their shape over time with movement and wear.

Sun Emporium swimwear is made from Lycra fabric and has been tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Our fabrics carry a certified rating of 50+ - the highest possible sun protection rating.

Chlorine Resistant 100% Polyester

Polyester is a durable material, even when exposed to pool chemicals, which is what makes it ‘chlorine-resistant’. Swimwear made with polyester has a consistent fit when worn frequently because the fabric resists sagging. Polyester is also quick drying, so it is a popular choice for athletic wear. Swimwear made with 100% polyester fabric is great for children who are frequently in the pool.

Sun Emporium will be designing a range of chlorine resistant U.V protective swimwear as a part of the Summer 2016/17 range.  

What should you choose?

The best fit for your children.  If your children spend hours every day in the pool or a chlorine water environment over the summer months, then Chlorine resistant is the way to go.

If they spend their days at the beach or other fresh water sources then Lycra can be a more affordable choice and still go the distance.  When choosing the right swimwear for your children our suggestion would be to pick the one that offers you the most in UV protection, as well as ease of wear for your child.

Find the perfect fit in swimwear at Sun Emporium. Our swimwear offers maximum UV protection, inspirational design and colours that will bring a smile to your child’s face.