• What is Chlorine Resistant Swimwear?

    Chlorine resistant versus Lycra swimwear? Choosing Children's swimwear doesn't have to cause confusion this summer. Make an informed choice that best suits your needs - in a pool, at the beach and beyond, Sun Emporium has you covered this summer!

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  • Top 5 Beaches In The U.S

    Endless ocean vistas, white sandy shores, dolphins and dragonflies in play mode, sand castles and ice-creams in quaint seaside villages. It’s official, the Summer holidays are just around the corner. Let's celebrate the simple pleasures of a chilled out summer by the sea.

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  • Designing Children's Swimwear

    Fashion designers are in charge of the design and development of clothing and other fashion products. Head designer at Sun Emporium celebrates summer with a whimsical range of children's UV swimwear in distinctive prints crafted in a vibrant color palette. UV swimwear that parents love and that cool kids want to wear!

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  • A Look Inside The Brand

    Children don't understand the need for sun protection so parent's play an important role in making sun safety a priority when children are at the beach or in a pool during summer. Function meets style with Sun Emporium UPF 50+ swimwear - shopping for children’s designer swimwear has never been easier!

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  • Sun Emporium- You Tube Video, VOL 1

    A glimpse behind the Sun Emporium brand - head designer Sally Michael talks about why she started this successful swimwear label for babies and children which started from small beginnings and has grown to become a global brand.

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  • Sun Emporium- You Tube Video, VOL 2

    UV Swimwear that parents love and that cool kids want to wear! A peak behind the brand with Sun Emporium's head designer Sally Michael. A passion for quality, sun safe swimwear combines with her love of color and whimsical prints each season. Welcome to a world of wonder!

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  • Sun Emporium- You Tube Video, VOL 3

    Inspiration for the new season collection - Sally Michael talks about the creative path and design influences for her range of sun safe swimwear for babies and children. Vintage florals, Hawaiian retro, Tribal and modern Geometric influences come to life in summer bright color. Hello Summer!

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  • Skin Cancer and You

    Fact: 90% of skin cancers and premature aging are a result of UV exposure. Childhood and adolescence are critical periods during which exposure to UV radiation is more likely to contribute to skin cancer in later life. Stay sun smart this summer and keep sun safe.

    A skin cancer can be a spot that looks different from the other spots around it.

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  • Learn not to burn

    Parents have an important role to ensure their children establish healthy sun protection habits during the early years. Year round sun protection is vital — even in the winter months. The American Skin Cancer Foundation estimates that 80% of lifetime sun exposure occurs during childhood -- and that just one blistering sunburn can double the risk of getting melanoma later in life. Time to get sun smart!

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  • Solariums

    Fact: there is no safe way to tan. Solariums emit UV radiation that is up to 5 times stronger than the summer sun at midday. Using solariums can actually damage your skin even faster than being outside with no sun protection.

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  • Sun Aware Behavior

    We have come to understand that babies are extremely vulnerable to permanent sun damage - tender, young skin should not be exposed to sunlight without sun protection precautions. However adolescents are also as risk of sun damage - many teenagers think that having a tan means being healthy. This is simply not the case.

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  • Our Favourite Destinations Beyond Bali

    Bali has always been a favourite destination for the people from Down Under. Yet, beyond the traditional trips on the beaten path, it's still possible to find affordable breaks filled with sun, sand and surf. Catch a ferry ride or short flight from Bali and discover pristine beaches, abundant nature reserves, volcanic scenery and the perfect wave! Hello Summer.

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