Size Chart

How do you measure up?

Active children want clothing that is comfortable – children have little tolerance for clothing that is too long or short, that rides up or is too tight.

Sun Emporium UV swimwear is designed to ensure a comfort fit for active bodies. Swimwear should have a snug fit rather than a very tight fit where the fabric is stretched across the body.

Helpful hints for calculating body measurements:

  • Take measurements while standing in underclothes.
  • The tape measure should be firm but not too tight.
  • Measure height without shoes.
  • Keep the tape straight across your back when taking chest/bust measurements.
  • The tape should be kept up under the arms and around the shoulder blades.
  • Put arms down when measuring chest/bust.
  • Measure around the natural waistline. To locate an often hard-to-find waistline in children tie a string or elastic around the child's waist. Then ask the child to bend and stretch - the string will then automatically roll into place at the natural waistline!
  • If your measurement is in between then go up a size.
  • If in doubt then allow an extra size for children as they will grow throughout the season.

Babies Unisex Size Chart

Size 0 6-12mths 76cm/30" 50cm/20" 50cm/20"
Size 1 12-18mths 84cm/33" 53cm/21" 53cm/21.5"
Size 2 2-3yrs 92cm/36" 56cm/21" 56cm/22"
Size 3 3-4yrs 100cm/39.5" 58cm/23" 55cm/21.5"

Children's Unisex Size Chart

Size 4 4-5yrs 108cm/43" 60cm/24" 56cm/22"
Size 5 5-6yrs 114cm/45" 62cm/24.5" 57cm/22.5"
Size 6 6-7yrs 120cm/47" 64cm/25" 58cm/23"
Size 7 7-8yrs 125cm/49" 66cm/26" 59cm/23.5"
Size 8 8-9yrs 130cm/51" 68cm/27" 60cm/24"
Size 10 10-11yrs 140cm/55" 74cm/29" 63cm/25"
Size 12 12-13yrs 150cm/59" 80cm/32" 67cm/26"
Size 14 13-14yrs 160cm/63" 86cm/34" 69cm/27"

Hat & Cap Sizes - Circumference

XS 6mths-3yrs 49cm/18.9"
S 3-8 years 51cm/20.1"
M 8-14 years 54cm/21.3"